Your support plan

After you've had an assessment to find out your needs, and if you're eligible for support, we'll help you put together your support plan.

A support plan details how your needs will be met, how your support will be provided, how much it costs, and who will be paying for it.

This plan belongs to you. You will be encouraged and supported to take part in putting it together.

What a support plan includes

The support you receive will depend upon your individual situation but may include:

How a support plan works

Your social worker or care manager will look with you at how you can be supported to meet your needs. We'll ask you what you want to happen and what is important to you.

This gives you the chance to take control in deciding how you will receive your support, and to have a clear idea of when and how this support will be provided.

Your support plan will also look at how to improve your wellbeing and prevent problems developing in the future.

The support you receive could come from a variety of places including:

You will be given a copy of your support plan which will include details of any decisions taken.

If a family member or friend is providing you with support on a regular basis, we will look with you at how your needs can be met if your carer is not available. This information will be included in your support plan.

Paying for support

If you're eligible for support from us, you will be allocated an approximate sum of money called a personal budget to cover the cost of your support.

You have choices in how your support is arranged. You may choose to receive your personal budget as a direct payment which you can use to arrange and pay for the support yourself. We can support you in this process.

Alternatively we could use your personal budget to arrange the support on your behalf.

Depending on your financial situation you may be asked to pay towards the cost of the support which we help you to arrange. You will need to complete a financial assessment so that we can decide how much you should pay.

What to do if you need help understanding the process

We will help you to understand how a support plan is drawn up, and will ask you if you would like anyone else to be involved in helping you to understand what is happening.

If you're having substantial difficulty understanding how to plan your support, and you have no-one to support you, we may ask an independent advocate to help you understand and to express your views.

Support plan for carers

If you look after a family member or friend as their carer, you may also be eligible for carers' support.

Keeping your support plan up to date

We will arrange for a social worker or care manager to review your support plan from time to time to make sure it still fits your needs. If anything changes, like if your health worsens, you can request a review  by contacting Access Point, the contact centre for Adult Social Care services. 

Let us know if anything changes as soon as possible. We will make any adjustments to your support plan and try to find other ways to help you regain your independence.

If your support plan isn't working out

Your social worker or care manager will consider with you what to do if a crisis occurs and include this in your support plan.

If there is a problem with the way your care is being provided, for example, a care worker is not doing all the things listed in your support plan, speak directly to your care provider.

If you can't resolve the problem yourself or with support from family and friends, then call Access Point, the contact centre for Adult Social Care services.