Reviewing your needs

If you already receive care and support services funded by us or even if you pay for yourself, we’ll review your circumstances from time to time. This will be discussed with you at the time of your initial assessment and the timing and nature of this review will be mutually agreed. We aim to have contact with you at least once a year. 

A review takes place to ensure your support plan is up to date and meets your assessed needs.The main purpose of the review is to hear how things are currently working for you, so that we can take into account any changes, such as changes in your personal circumstances, improvements or changes with your health or financial situation.

A review is a good opportunity for us to check that the care services you’re receiving from other providers are working well, and whether there are any other ways that your needs can be met, either within or by your local community.

We also want to hear from you about what is important in your life and what support you need to remain independent and safe in your community. 

We don’t want you to feel anxious about a review. You’re free to invite someone along to support you, or you might find it helpful to write things down before the review to help you in the conversation. We are happy to accommodate what works for you.  

How the review works 

The review may take place in your home or we may phone you to talk things through.

We want to hear what you have to say about your care and support needs. It might be worth noting a few things down to help you recall them. 

It’s important that we talk with other people involved in your life if appropriate but we will of course discuss this with you beforehand, as there may be certain people you do not want us to contact.

You can invite anyone to speak on your behalf or attend a review. If someone speaks on your behalf, we will keep you fully informed.

There are three types of review

  • Planned reviews – take place at arranged times and are initiated by us
  • Unplanned reviews – when your needs or circumstances have changed, for example, after you have spent time in hospital
  • Requested reviews – when either you or someone who knows you has requested that a review take place because, for example, a family member is struggling to cope with being a carer, or your circumstances have changed for the better e.g a new piece of equipment like a stair lift has been fitted.

Who arranges the review

Care managers or social workers working for Brighton & Hove City Council’s Adult Social Care will arrange the review. 

However, there may be times when we ask other professionals, for example a nurse, to carry out reviews on our behalf. If we feel we need to consult with other professionals or carers that are involved in your care and support, we will explain to you why we need to do this. 

Request a review

If your circumstances have changed you may want to speak to someone. You may know the name of a care manager or social worker who works in your area and you can  also request a review by contacting Access Point on 01273 295555.

What happens after the review

After the review a new support plan will be written and will detail how your needs will be met. You’ll be sent a copy of the plan, which can be amended if required.  

What to do if you need help understanding the process

We’ll help you to understand the review process and we’ll also ask you if you’d like anyone else to be involved to help you understand what’s happening. 

If you're having a lot of difficulty understanding how to plan your support but you have no-one to support you, we can, with your agreement, invite an independent advocate to help you understand and to express your views. This person will make contact with you and arrange an appointment to come and talk through what matters to you about your wellbeing, health and social life and help you to tell us.