Assessing your needs

If you are an adult, carer or a professional and you are looking for help for yourself, or someone else, please fill an online form in our Get social care help online section.

Once you complete the form we will be able to start your needs assessment.

How a needs assessment works

A needs assessment is a conversation that can happen face-to-face or over the phone. The nature of the situation you’re currently in will determine how this conversation takes place. We’ll use the results of the conversation / assessment to identify your care and support needs and to discuss how these could be met. It will help us to identify your physical needs, such as whether you need help to wash or dress, get in and out of bed or keep your home safe to live in. We’ll discuss with you how the right equipment or technology can help keep you independent and this may require a visit by an Occupational Therapist. This will be discussed with you beforehand if necessary.

We’ll also look at your mental and emotional needs and ask what is important to you in how you live your life, such as being able to carry on working, volunteering or being able to socialise.

We’ll also include in this conversation how family, friends and neighbours play a part in your life if appropriate.

We would like to know if you have any specific requirements regarding communication. You may prefer to conduct the conversation in your first language if it's not English and we'll provide and interpreter, or you may have some hearing or sight issues which may need some specific attention. Please let us know and we’ll aim to get this right for you.

Confidentiality and dignity

We’ll always be respectful and treat you as an individual, including respecting your lifestyle and life choices, and we’ll treat you fairly. We’ll invite you to sign an agreement that allows us to speak to your GP and any other professionals who can provide us with information to support your needs assessment. This information will be treated confidentially.

What happens next?

Your needs will be recorded and we’ll help you to identify how these could be met, either by the use of equipment or support by others. We'll also consider if more formal support is needed and if it is, we’ll set this up. A financial assessment will also need to take place as you may be required to make a contribution towards the cost of your care and support needs. We’ll send you a copy of your care and support plan as well as a letter confirming any potential charges.

Assessments for carers

Carers may need an assessment for their needs too. Find out more about carers' assessments.

Can I get someone to help me with my assessment?

The assessment is about you and we'll make sure that you are involved. Your carer, a friend or family member can also help and represent you.

If you don’t have a carer, family member or friend who you can ask, and you have a lot of difficulty understanding the assessment process yourself, ask us to find an independent advocate to support you.

Paying for care

When it comes to paying for your care and support, you'll need a financial assessment. After you have completed a financial assessment we'll let you know about any costs and whether you'll need to make a contribution towards any services you receive.

Request a needs assessment

If you think you have any care and support needs or you are a carer for someone who does, contact Access Point, the contact centre for Adult Social Care, to ask for an assessment.