Telecare: CareLink Plus personal alarms

CareLink Plus is Brighton & Hove City Council’s telecare alarm service.

Telecare describes a range of services and equipment that supports you at home and when you're out and about by providing emergency assistance when you need it.

We can provide you with an alarm that lets you call for help quickly and easily if you fall, feel unwell or need any other urgent assistance. The alarm is worn on a neck cord or a wrist strap.

CareLink Plus personal alarms are particularly helpful if you:

  • experience mobility problems
  • have a health condition
  • have a disability
  • feel vulnerable.

CareLink Plus gives you, your carer and your family peace of mind to go about your normal daily activities, because help is available at the touch of a button.

Getting started

To have CareLink Plus you will need:

  • a landline phone (if this is a problem for you, please contact Carelink Plus to discuss other options)
  • an available electric socket where the alarm unit can be installed
  • a minimum of two people who live in the Brighton & Hove area who will agree to hold your keys (keyholders) or be willing to have a keysafe installed.


CareLink Plus staff will contact your nominated keyholders in an emergency at any time in the day or at night to give access to your home.

Before we install the telecare alarm service your keyholders will be contacted to check:

  • they understand what may be required of them
  • they are willing to be your keyholder
  • they have a key to your property.


If you don't have two keyholders, you must be willing to have a keysafe installed.


A keysafe is a small, secure metal box which contains your keys. It's fitted outside your property and accessed by a combination code.

CareLink Plus fits keysafes that have been approved by the Police. Keysafes are supplied and fitted for a £50 one-off fee and removed by CareLink Plus when the service is cancelled.

If it's a problem for you to nominate keyholders or have a keysafe, please contact CareLink Plus to discuss your options.

Using the alarm

If you need to use the alarm, you simply press the button on the alarm system. Pressing the button sends an alert to CareLink Plus staff who will speak to you through the CareLink Plus system and find out how to help you. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CareLink Plus staff will be able to see important information about your health, your GP, your contact details and your emergency contacts.

They will then arrange the appropriate assistance.

The CareLink Plus service uses your normal phone line.

How does CareLink Plus work

CareLink Anywhere

Carelink Anywhere is a personal alarm service for people who use a mobile phone.

The service turns your mobile phone into an alarm you can use at home or when you are out.

To use this service, you will need to tell us about two people who can be your nominated emergency contacts to assist in an emergency.

When CareLink Plus staff receive your call in the monitoring centre, your information will be displayed on screen where they can see important details regarding your health, your GP, your contact details and your emergency contacts.

You will need to tell us where you are at the time that you raise the alarm.

Our highly-trained staff will arrange the help you need.

Telecare Living Well

Telecare Living Well aims to support timely discharge from hospital, prevent further avoidable hospital admissions and to promote living well at home by providing a four week free trial of CareLink Plus telecare services as well as support to engage with other services across Brighton and Hove.  The Telecare Living Well team will stay in touch with you and review your needs within six weeks.

Other ways Telecare Living Well could help are outlined in our Telecare Living Well leaflet (PDF 95KB). To find out more or to make a Telecare Living Well referral contact CareLink Plus.


Once we have set up CareLink Plus, there is a monthly fee which you pay by direct debit or invoice. There is no installation fee. To pay for the CareLink Plus service by direct debit or to change your payment method from invoice to direct debit you can set up a direct debit online.

Help with costs may be available following an assessment if you have eligible care needs or meet our funding criteria. For further information please contact Carelink Plus.

Standard CareLink Plus

The Standard CareLink Plus package costs £18.50 per month which is £4.27 per week for customers with two key holders or one key holder and a keysafe.

What is included in the package:

  • An assessment to establish what telecare equipment would meet your needs.
  • Installation of CareLink Plus telecare equipment.
  • 24 hours 7 days a week monitoring of alarm calls and response co-ordination.
  • CareLink Plus team members available to attend your home at any time if required in response to an emergency call.
  • Pendent alarm system.
  • Service and maintenance of all equipment supplied.

Subject to assessment:

  • Fall detecting pendent, shower pendant or fixed pendant at skirting level, or fixed pull cord, or bogus caller button fixed by your front door.
  • Automated reminder alerts or well-being checks that raise an alarm call if you fail to respond.
  • Smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector linked to our monitoring centre.

Enhanced CareLink Plus

The Enhanced CareLink Plus package costs £22.17 per month which is £5.12 per week for customers with no keyholders and/or customers who require specialised telecare devices. This package includes all Standard services as above, plus the following subject to assessment;

  • GSM pendant alarm system that operates without a landline telephone connection, using the mobile network.
  • GPS locator for use outside the home, bed and chair sensors to alert to falls, heat, flood, pressure and movement detectors, Epileptic seizure sensors, door opening detectors and systems to wake or alert onsite carers.

If you would benefit from support when you are out and about, CareLink Anywhere is a quick and easy way to summon emergency assistance, using your own mobile phone to make an alarm call direct to the CareLink Plus monitoring centre. CareLink Anywhere is an additional £1.15 per week for existing customers or if you choose this service alone it costs £2.77 per week.

Police-approved keysafes are supplied and fitted for a £50 one-off fee.

All equipment supplied remains the property of CareLink Plus and we remove it when the service is no longer required.

Free trial

A free four-week trial is available to anyone who is being discharged from hospital who is supported by Community Short Term Services, or being cared for by an informal unpaid carer, or has been referred for Telecare Living Well.

What to do next

Contact us directly to find out more and to book an appointment for us to visit you at home.

If you have given permission for your details to be shared, a family member, friend, carer, health or care professional can contact us on your behalf.

A CareLink Plus staff member will come to your home to assess your needs, demonstrate and test the equipment in your property and explain the service to you.

If you decide that CareLink Plus is suitable, we may be able to connect you to the service during the appointment if we have spoken to your keyholders or a keysafe has been installed. Alternatively we will arrange another appointment with you to install the service.

There is no obligation to have the service if it is not suitable or you do not want it.

When the service is required urgently, such as to support discharge from hospital, and access arrangements are in place, we will explain, demonstrate and install the telecare alarm equipment and service in the same visit.

More information and contact details

We provide a wide range of services and equipment to support you at home and when you are out and about. This includes equipment designed for specialist needs, for example, dementia, epilepsy or people prone to falls. Find out more about Telecare assistive technology.

CareLink Plus - Supporting your Independence leaflet (PDF 381KB) explains what CareLink Plus is, how it could help you, and how to apply.

Our Carelink Plus Customer Information booklet (PDF 4.3MB) provides more detailed information on the CareLink Plus telecare alarm service.

For more information about CareLink Plus telecare alarm services, please contact CareLink Plus.

View our latest performance report Performance Report 2015-16 (PDF 267KB)