Day activities

Day activities help people to stay active, learn new skills, practice a hobby and socialise.

If you are a carer, you too may need support. For example, you may need a break from caring (respite) during the day to have some time for yourself.

There are a wide range of day activities based at venues across Brighton & Hove to suit the needs of all adults including:

  • older people with complex needs
  • people with dementia
  • people with a learning disability and/or autism
  • people with an acquired brain injury.

Community support services

Community support services offer support which is provided in the community or at home on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.

Find a day activity to suit you

A simple way to find out about what day activities are available is by using It’s Local Actually, which offers a search facility for day activities to suit a range of needs.

Just type in the kind of activity you are looking for or your postcode to find out what is available, such as:

  • fitness classes
  • cultural clubs
  • gardening
  • lunch clubs
  • library groups
  • sports
  • dance
  • singing
  • ethnic minority and religious support groups.

Many of these activities are provided by voluntary, community and faith groups.

Some care homes also open their doors to the wider community to provide respite breaks, meals and activities.

For older people with complex needs

If you have more complex needs or your carer needs support, you might be eligible for a place at St John’s day centre (near the centre of the city, in Hove) or Somerset day centre (east of the city).

To access this service you will need to have a financial assessment.

For people with dementia

If you have dementia, or if you care for someone with dementia, there is a specialist day centre situated at Wayfield Avenue in Hove. 

For people with a learning disability and/or autism

The following services in Brighton & Hove provide daytime activities for people with a learning disability:

For people with an acquired brain injury

Find out more from the Headway website.

Get to and from day activities

You may be able to get transport to and from a day activity. You'll need to ask individual services if they provide transport. There is usually a charge.

Arrange and pay for day activities

Many day activities are low cost, some are free and some are means assessed.

If you're eligible you can pay for many day activities using your personal budget.

You can choose to attend and pay for day activities on a half-day or a whole-day basis.

There are also day services available if you are a carer in need of a break.