Direct payments

A direct payment will allow you to plan and manage your own support by receiving funding from the council to buy services or employ people to support you.

By managing your own care, you can have greater independence, choice and control over services you receive.

It's just one of the ways that Adult Social Care provides support to people who are eligible for services.

The benefits​

You don't have to receive direct payments but you may prefer this way of managing your own care and support, because direct payments mean:

  • you will know how much money is available to you to meet your social care needs
  • you will have a support plan which says what you want to achieve with that funding
  • you will be able to choose and control how your own support needs are met.

How it works

We will need to assess you to find out if you are eligible for direct payments.

If you're eligible, we will notify you about the funding allocated to pay for the services you need. This is called a personal budget.

The arrangement will be specified in your care and support plan. 

What you can spend direct payments on

Direct payments can be used to meet all of your eligible care needs or part of your eligible care needs. Read more about eligible needs.

You can spend direct payments on various services that meet the care and support needs set out in your care and support plan.

Some examples of services you could buy to meet your eligible needs are:

Direct payments can't usually be used to fund items or services provided by the NHS.

Access direct payments

If you've not previously contacted Adult Social Care, or if you're already receiving funded care and support and would like to change your current arrangements to having direct payments, get in touch.

Contact Access Point, our contact centre for Adult Social Care services, and someone will help you arrange a needs assessment.

We will discuss your individual circumstances and care needs with you. If you're eligible, then you can receive a direct payment to organise your own care.

We may arrange for local brokers to support you to design your care and support and help you to manage your account.

Additional information

PeoplePlus Independent Living Services provide our direct payments support service, providing advice to people receiving direct payments through Brighton & Hove City Council, and individuals with an eligible need who are self-funding.