Supported employment

Help for people with a disability or long-term health condition to find work and to stay in work

If you or someone you know has a disability or long-term health condition, the Supported Employment Team can provide training and advice to find or maintain work. By providing the right support, we can help you to develop job skills, get paid or voluntary work and overcome barriers to employment. 

For employers

The Supported Employment Team helps people with a disability or long-term illness to find and maintain a job, helping you to have a more diverse workforce. We help people to find paid or voluntary work. We also support those who are already employed but are having difficulties because of their disability or health condition. 

How the Supported Employment Team helps 

We can help people with a disability or long-term illness with:

  • paid work
  • volunteer work
  • work experience
  • keeping your job
  • searching for work.

Before you find work, our Employment Officers:

  • talk to you about your work options
  • support you to access work-related training courses
  • arrange and support you with work experience placements
  • help you to improve or create a your CV
  • help you to complete application forms
  • practise interview skills
  • support you at job interviews.

Once you’ve found a job, we can help by:

  • giving you support around the time that you start the job and are learning the role
  • providing information to your employer on ‘reasonable adjustments’ (adjustments that can be made in the workplace to allow you to be able to do your job)
  • offering job coaching
  • supporting you to improve your skills.

Get help

Complete a referral form, or ask someone to fill in the form for you, then return it to the Supported Employment Team

Download a referral form (Word 54KB)

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