Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing can generally be described as feeling good and functioning well.

We offer a range of services that focus on helping people to recover their mental health and wellbeing through the NHS Sussex Partnership.  

Sussex Partnership is a specialist organisation that provides a range of NHS care in Sussex and the South East for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and an addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

How it works

We help you quickly, especially in a crisis, and support you for as long as clinically necessary.

Care services are provided in a range of settings, for example, hospitals community clinics, people’s homes and GP practices.

Sussex Partnership provides help in a crisis round the clock. We work with GPs and with other NHS, social care and third sector organisations, especially to provide health and wellbeing services (including talking therapies).

Find out more about wellbeing and recovery services from the Sussex Partnership website. 

Wellbeing and recovery service

Mental wellbeing can generally be described as feeling good and functioning well, although it is driven by your own personal hopes and expectations.

Your recovery starts with moving away from diagnosis and illness towards good mental health and wellbeing. 

We aim to help you to build a life that you are happy with, by helping you to manage your own mental health and wellbeing. This gives you back the power over your life that you may feel your illness has taken away from you and can help to build your self-esteem and independence.

Planning and managing your recovery

Everyone we care for is given a personalised care plan. It outlines your care, treatment or medication and the team that will look after you.

Alongside your care plan you can also work on a personalised recovery plan. This outlines the different ways you can manage your condition and work towards recovery. We call this self-management.

Recovery College

The Sussex Partnership mental health wellbeing and recovery service is part of the Sussex Recovery College programme, which offers educational courses about mental health and recovery to increase knowledge and skills and promote self-management.

Courses are developed and delivered by people with personal (lived) and professional experience

Additional information

Find out more about the Sussex Partnership and its mental health care and wellbeing services. Download an introduction to the Sussex Partnership Trust (PDF 1mb)

Contact us

General enquiries: 01903 843027

Are you experiencing a crisis? Get urgent help, call the Sussex Mental Healthline on 0300 5000 101.

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