Dementia - help for carers

Get help if you're a carer for someone with dementia

If you care for someone with dementia, it is important that you have a break and make time for yourself to relax or do something that you enjoy.

There is a range of dementia respite services available in Brighton & Hove for people at different stages of dementia.

Respite services cover both daytimes and overnight stays. For example, someone with dementia might spend time at a day centre, participating in activities to stay mentally and physically active and to socialise.

If you need a longer break, the person with dementia may be able to stay overnight at a residential respite centre.

Day centres in Brighton & Hove

Wayfield Avenue is a day centre for people with dementia and functional mental health needs. You will need a referral from Adult Social Care to attend.

Find out more about getting a referral from Adult Social Care.

The Towner Club is a day service provided for people with young onset dementia. This service is provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. The Specialist Older Adults Mental Health Service refers people to this service.

Barford Court is an independent care home that also runs a day centre for people with dementia.

Find out more about day centres and daytime activities for older people in Brighton & Hove who do not have dementia.

Home-based respite

For more information about home-based respite services for people with dementia, go to the Alzeimer's Society website.

For information about home-based respite for older people, go to the Brighton & Hove Crossroads Care website.

Residential respite

Ireland Lodge provides residential respite for people with dementia.

Access to this service requires an assessment and referral by Adult Social Care. Find out more about getting an assessment and referral.

Find out more about getting help at home to support someone with dementia.

Read more about general advice, information and support in our section for carers.

Care homes

When you can no longer care for someone with dementia, they may need to move into a care home. We can help you with advice, assessments and fees if you are eligible.

Read more about care homes.