We are continuing to experience a sustained high level of new planning applications being submitted through the Planning Portal. The council received the second highest number of applications across all of the South East (excluding London) during the first four months of 2021. We are continuing to work hard to reduce our backlog, but it is still taking between 7 and 10 working days to validate new applications. We are continuing to divert resources temporarily away from other tasks, but applicants can still help us during this busy period by:

  • Only seeking progress updates after 10 7 working days have elapsed from the date of submission
  • Ensuring that all supporting information is provided with an application so we don’t have to process an application as invalid
  • Only submitting applications electronically
  • Making payment of planning application fees online and not by cheque

We expect that this situation will continue until October as demand through June is continuing to be way above usual levels received.