Standards for On-line Applications

The Planning Authority Standards are:

1. File Sizes for Electronic Submissions

  1. No individual file is greater than 5 Mb.
  2. No .zip or .exe files are submitted.
  3. Additional material can be submitted on CD/DVD for major applications.

2. Drawings

  1. Drawings submitted in single layer PDF format.
  2. Where possible supply drawings at A1 or A3.
  3. Do not supply drawings with optional scales at different paper sizes.
  4. Scanned drawings are a minimum 200 dpi resolution.
  5. List of drawings supplied to include drawing number, description and paper size.
  6. Critical dimensions checked on PDF and are in scale.
  7. Orientation of PDF drawings correct when viewed on screen.
  8. Include a scale bar and key dimensions on all drawings.

3. Other Documents

  1. Letters, reports must be in PDF format.

4. Photographs

  1. List of photographs/photo montages annotated with title and context/purpose explained.
  2. Size of each photograph file to be below 1 Mb.
  3. Photographs can be provided on CD/DVD.
  4. Photographs to be a maximum size of 15x10cm.

5. Electronic File Naming

  1. A list of all submitted documents is included.
  2. All document/drawing file names comprise brief description in plain English.

6. Drawings/documents supplied on CD/DVD

  1. As for Standards 1-5 above.
  2. The CD/DVD will not be accepted if the files do not meet these standards.

Please ensure the Planning Authority Standards for submitting quality applications are met when applying on-line