Hard copies of all PANs are available at our customer service centres

PAN01: Farm Diversification

The Farm Diversification PAN provides guidance to tenant farmers / landowners / businesses on what may be allowed as part of a farm diversification proposal.

PAN 03: Lifetime homes revisions

Following government sponsored research and consultation hosted by Habinteg Housing Association, the 16 Lifetime Homes criteria have been revised.

Anyone currently designing a development should refer directly to the criteria on the Lifetime Homes website because that will be the relevant standard against which new developments will be assessed.

PAN 04: Brighton Marina masterplan

The adopted PAN 04 is intended to act as a supplement to SPGBH 20. This masterplan deals with a much wider area than SPGBH20, including the whole of the marina, the Black Rock Site and Kemp Town Gasworks (TRANSCO) site. In the longer term it is anticipated that the PAN will form the basis of Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

PAN 05: Design Guidance for the Storage and Collection of Recyclable Materials and Waste

This PAN provides guidance to architects and developers on the storage and collection of recyclables and waste.

PAN 06: Food Growing and Development

The Food Growing and Development PAN provides guidance and basic technical considerations on how food growing can be incorporated into development. The city council seeks to encourage food growing in the city even in small urban spaces as part of its commitment to sustainable development.

PAN 07: Local List of Heritage Assets

This PAN provides information the Local List of Heritage Assets, including what a Local List is, the implications of local listing, the selection criteria and process of review. A summary list of addresses included on the local list of heritage assets and the full assessment for each inclusion is available on the Heritage Webpages and in Customer Service Centres.

PAN 08: External wall insulation

This Planning Advice Note provides information on planning, legal and licensing issues for external wall insulation which is an effective energy saving measure. It signposts technical considerations for external wall insulation in a way intended to be accessible for a householder. It also provides a checklist that can be used with a contractor.

PAN 09: Householder guidance on energy efficiency for historic houses in Conservation Areas

This Planning Advice Note (PAN) sets out energy efficiency and micro-generation technologies that can be installed sympathetically on historic houses built before 1914 in conservation areas. It mainly focuses on measures where there are potential planning issues. The PAN clarifies which measures need planning permission, and what to address to help achieve permission. There is a large section on improving the energy efficiency of windows in conservation areas. Further information about conservation areas is available on the Heritage Webpages and information about Permitted Development rights is available on the government’s Planning Portal

Special Guidance A: Swift Boxes and Bricks for New Developments

This Special Guidance sets out the types of swift boxes and bricks that can be installed in new developments across the city where planning approval is granted after June 2020. It clarifies the types of installation available, how they should be selected, how many are required for each scale of development and where they should be sited.

This guidance will help to deliver policy requirements for biodiversity set out in the adopted City Plan Part One CP16 Biodiversity and in the emerging City Plan Part Two regarding nature conservation and biodiversity net gain.