City Plan Part Two

Draft City Plan Part Two Consultation

Consultation on the Draft City Plan Part Two  closed at 5pm on 13th September 2018 after a period of 10 weeks consultation.

The council has published an interim Statement of Consultation (PDF, 3.46MB) and accompanying appendices below:

Appendix 4 Summary of Key Issues Arising from Representations – listed by policy

Appendix 5 Copies of Original Representations Received

The Statement provides full information on how organisations, groups and individuals were consulted on the draft Plan and provides a summary of key issues raised in the representations received by policy. The final statement of consultation will set out how the representations have been taken into account in the final version of the City Plan Part 2, which is due to be published later in 2019.

Due to GDPR requirements, the council has redacted personal information from the original representations in Appendix 5 and in the summary of representations (Appendix 4). If you wish to know the respondent number that we have assigned to you (DP###) please email

Draft City Plan Part Two Documents

Supporting Documents

The Draft City Plan Part 2 is also accompanied by the following documents,  also subject to the 10 week period of consultation:

Proposed Changes to the Policies Map

The maps shows the changes to the adopted policies map that would result from the policies in the emerging plan including site allocations and any new or amended designations. A description of the proposed changes are set out in Appendix 6 of the draft City Plan Part 2 (PDF 59 KB).

We have also produced an interactive CPP2 policies map where users can enter a specific address and view any policies or allocations in proximity. Map layers can be turned on and off by clicking the layer icon on the top right of the screen, second from right.

Proposed CPP2 Implementation and Monitoring Targets

Proposed CPP2 Implementation and Monitoring Targets (PDF 506KB) Sets out the proposed monitoring indicators and targets and identifies how the CPP2 will be implemented. It is proposed that these monitoring targets will included in an updated Annexe 1 to the CPP1 which will be updated at submission stage.

Statement of Consultation

Provides full information on how organisations, groups and individuals were consulted at the earlier CPP2 Scoping stage (June - September 2016) and how the consultation responses at that stage helped shape the draft CPP2. The Statement of Consultation is set out in the following sections:

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

The role of the SA is to consider all the likely significant effects that the draft City Plan Part 2 may have on various environmental, economic and social factors. The process incorporates the requirements of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive. Information on the reasonable alternative options that have been considered and discounted in favour of the draft City Plan Part Two policies are set in the full SA Report (PDF 8MB). There is also a non-technical summary of the Sustainability Appraisal (PDF 385 KB) available.

Health & Equalities Impact Assessment (HEQIA)

The HEQIA (PDF 2.8MB) Has been undertaken to ensure the draft policies are coordinated to address equalities, health and well-being outcomes throughout the city. Some draft policies have been refined through recommendations arising from the HEQIA.

Habitats Regulation Assessment

A Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) has been carried out to establish if the CPP2 might have any Likely Significant Effects on any European sites. The HRA has concluded that the proposed plan will not have significant adverse impacts on any designated European sites.

Supporting Evidence

Approval was also agreed at the 21 June Tourism Development & Culture Committee for a number of Background Studies as supporting evidence for the City Plan and other planning documents. A number of topic papers have also been prepared.

These documents can be viewed on the following page Background Studies & Topic Papers

Background to current consultation

On the 21 June the Tourism Development & Culture Committee approved the draft City Plan Part Two (CPP2) to go out for a 10 week period of consultation starting 5th July and ending 13th September 2018. View the Tourism Development & Culture Committee report.

Consultation on the draft CPP2 follows on from the CPP2 Scoping Consultation that took place June – September 2016. The City Plan Part 2 supports the implementation and delivery of the City Plan Part One (adopted March 2016) through the allocation of additional development sites and through a suite of development management policies.

Keeping in touch with news about City Plan Part Two and other planning documents

If you would like the Policy, Projects and Heritage team at Brighton & Hove City Council to contact you with news of their documents and consultations then please fill in your details here

Previous consultation: City Plan Part Two Scoping Paper 2016

The City Plan Part Two scoping paper was agreed for consultation at the 16 June 2016 Economic Development and Culture Committee (PDF 3.8MB). Consultation ran for 12 weeks from 30 June to 5pm on 22 September 2016.

The scoping paper is still available for information.

Views were also gathered at a number of consultation workshops and the notes of the following consultation events are published for information:

A full Statement of Consultation is available to view above.

Role of City Plan Part Two

The role of the City Plan Part Two is to support the implementation and delivery of City Plan Part One; to build on the strategic policy framework; to identify and allocate additional development sites and to set out a detailed policy framework to assist in the determination of planning applications. The policies in City Plan Part Two will replace the remaining ‘saved’ policies from the 2005 Local Plan.

Previous Stage in City Plan Part Two preparation

The scoping stage in 2016 was the first stage in the preparation of the City Plan Part Two, and people were invited to comment on the matters they thought should be included in the document. Formal notification of the start of the preparation (PDF 88KB) in 2016 


Scoping Document (Regulation 18) June 2016
Draft Plan and SA (Regulation 18) June TD&C Committee 2018
Publication stage (Regulation 19) November TD&C Committee 2019
Submission stage Summer 2020
Examination Winter 2020
Adoption Spring 2021

Timetable Updated March 2019


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