There is a minimum charge of £5.00 for all photocopying in addition to the charge for copies

  Fees (inc. VAT) from 1 April 2019
Per A4 page £0.32
Per A3 page £0.53
Per A2 Plan £5.50
Per A1 plan £11
Per A0 plan or larger £21

Charges for copies of notices

  Fees (inc. VAT) from 1 April 2019
Planning decision (post 1997) available free of charge on planning register  £18.50
Planning decision (pre 1997) £49
Enforcement Notice £18.50
Article 4 £18.50


  Fees (inc. VAT) from 1 April 2019
Research for planning history e.g. use class, refusals (cost per address) £37
Research for enquiries relating to copies of plans for major and other applications (cost per address) £37