Shoreham Harbour JAAP - Background

Brighton & Hove City Council is working with its partners (Adur & Worthing Councils, West Sussex County Council; Shoreham Port Authority) on a joint project to regenerate Shoreham Harbour and surrounding areas.


The proposed vision for the regeneration area is as follows:

By 2031 Shoreham Harbour will be transformed into a vibrant, thriving waterfront destination comprising a series of sustainable, mixed-use developments alongside a consolidated and enhanced Shoreham Port which will continue to play a vital role in the local economy.

The redevelopment of key areas of the harbour will provide benefits for the local community and economy through increased investment, improved leisure opportunities, enhanced public realm and the delivery of critical infrastructure that will help respond positively to climate change.

Shoreham Harbour Joint Area Action Plan

The Joint Area Action Plan being prepared will provide the framework and guidelines for developers and will clarify the area of land which could be considered for regeneration, as well as what kind of development would be acceptable in the area.  It includes proposals and policies for:

  • new housing (1,400 new homes of which 300 will be in Brighton & Hove)
  • new workplaces (23,500sqm new employment space of which 7,500sqm will be in Brighton & Hove)
  • consolidation of the Port
  • adapting to climate change
  • upgraded flood defences
  • recreational and community facilities
  • sustainable travel and enhanced transport infrastructure
  • environmental improvements

A number of supporting evidence studies/documents [132KB, PDF] will be used to inform the JAAP, including housing; flood risk; transport; urban design; and community infrastructure. The results of these studies will also be used to inform the final versions of both the Adur Local Plan (Adur webpage)  and the Brighton & Hove City Plan (BHCC webpage). These will be the overarching planning documents for each area.

The Shoreham Harbour Regeneration Partnership carried out public consultation on a draft plan in 2014.  The revised draft plan (Dec 2016) was prepared to reflect comments received, updates to the supporting evidence and updates in national policy.

The harbour area is also an important site for importing minerals such as sand and gravel into the local area. Adur, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex councils, the South Downs National Park Authority and Shoreham Port Authority have signed a Statement of Common Ground on minerals wharves at the harbour. This aims to ensure the provision and safeguarding of adequate capacity for the import of minerals and aggregates.

The West Sussex Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (on the WSCC website) sets out the programme for the preparation of minerals and waste documents over the next few years. West Sussex County Council and the South Downs National Park Authority (on the SDNP website) are jointly working on a replacement Minerals Local Plan. This will include a policy on the safeguarding of wharves at the harbour and allocate sites for minerals development.

The East Sussex, South Downs National Park and Brighton & Hove Waste and Minerals Plan and Sites Plan (on the BHCC website) have now been adopted. 

Development Briefs

Development Briefs have been prepared for proposed areas of change in Shoreham Harbour: South Portslade Industrial Estate and Aldrington Basin (in Brighton & Hove) and the Western Harbour Arm (in Adur) The briefs provide detailed guidance for these areas and have informed the preparation of the JAAP.

Development Briefs:

Supporting Development Brief Documents:

Flood Risk Management Guide Supplementary Planning Document

Shoreham Harbour Regeneration has produced a Flood Risk Management Guide SPD (on the BHCC website). This has been adopted by Brighton & Hove City Council and Adur District Council.

Shoreham Harbour Interim Planning Guidance

Shoreham Harbour Regeneration has prepared Interim Planning Guidance [PDF 850kb] for the harbour and surrounding areas. The current version was adopted in October 2011. This guidance has been produced to summarise the existing planning policy framework for Shoreham Harbour and surrounding areas. It is intended to guide development proposals and planning decisions during the interim period whilst the Shoreham Harbour JAAP is prepared and adopted.

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