This list was last updated on 17 May 2021.

Download the list of successful nominations and nominations pending decision as a pdf.

Asset name and reference number

Address of asset

Nomination date

Decision and date

Review decision and date

Date disposal notice received

End of interim moratorium period

End of full moratorium

End of protected period

Westdene Green (including Westedene barn and playgound)


Westdene, Brighton

12 January 2016


10 May 2016






The Station


1 Hampstead Road, Withdean, BN1 5NG

28 April  2016


1 August 2016






The Caroline of Brunswick

39 Ditchling Road, Brighton, BN1 4SB

5 December 2016


24 January 2017






Saltdean Oval Park & Green Space (Saltdean barn, the portacabin and pavilion)

Saltdean Road, Saltdean, Brighton, BN2 8SP

2 February 2017


19 September 2017






Tennis courts and clubhouse


Church Place, Brighton, BN2 5JN

13 May 2018


5 July 2018







Varndean green


East of 114 Surrenden Road, Brighton, BN1 6ZA

6 June 2018


20 November 2018






Dyke Pub - ground floor and garden of 218 Dyke Road


218 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 5AA

24 September 2018


5 December 2018