Pre application planning advice service

Pre-application advice and Planning Performance Agreements during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our pre-application service is continuing, using online conferencing and email. Please contact us in the usual way.

This will help all applicants to continue to get the best advice from the outset and to proceed through the application process as swiftly as possible during the current pandemic.

Pre-application advice

We offer pre-application advice to improve the quality of planning applications and to provide you with information about any likely issues with your planning application.

Early advice gives your application the best chance of success.

Discuss potential changes without pressure from the application deadline.

Download the application form and find out how much pre-application advice costs

How our pre-application advice service works

You can choose between

  • Written ‘in principle' advice
  • Written 'in principle' advice and a meeting

You can also choose to have specialist officers to input into our advice and or a site visit.  We will also contact you if we feel specialist officers advice is needed. This includes Transport advice, which is subject to a separate set of fees and, as it is often currently provided supported by and external consultant, timescales.

After you submit your request we will check to make sure that we’ve received the correct fee.

The selected planning case officer will then be in touch to make arrangements for a video conference meeting (where requested), discuss any initial queries and arrangements for any specialist transport advice that the proposed project would benefit from.

Small scale developments

We will provide detailed written comments within three weeks of receiving a complete request or within three weeks of the date of our meeting.

Large, medium and listed building developments

We will provide our written comments within four weeks of receiving a complete request or within four weeks of the date of our meeting.

Our planning officers provide

  • Local knowledge and information on the relevant national and local planning policies and guidance
  • Relevant planning history
  • Advice on the procedure, consultation and estimated timescale of your application once submitted
  • Informal and without prejudice officer comments on the scheme

Larger proposals and planning performance agreements

We may need to hold further meetings before a formal application is submitted if your proposed development has

  • complex issues
  • needs significant alterations to the scheme

Additional meetings will be subject to a further charge.

We may work with you to put a Planning Performance Agreement in place. This sets out an agreed framework for taking your proposal forward.

We offer the DesignPlace Review (Design Panel) service to all pre-application submissions for major schemes in the city.

More information is available on the DesignPLACE Review page.

Further information and help to submit a planning application

Please ensure that you are familiar with relevant planning policies, guidance and planning history when you prepare your proposals.

Apply and pay for pre-application advice

Learn about DesignPLACE review

Get advice on our policy advice and guidance web pages

For householder proposals - take a look at our policies and guidance for householder proposals

Information for householders on the Planning Portal website

The following guides are available on the Planning Portal website:

Local plan policies and guidance

Please be familiar with the policies in the emerging City Plan

The following additional guidance is available:

Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes

Supplementary Planning Documents

Planning Advice Notes