How site visits have changed

We are now avoiding visiting sites unless absolutely necessary (for example for urgent enforcement matters).

We do not want our customers and staff to be put at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are complying with government guidance and do not wish to inadvertently place additional demands on emergency services.

The following will occur for site visits:

  • site visits are an important (but not necessarily essential) part of the planning process
  • where possible our officers will rely on photos and web-based images to make decisions
  • where this is not possible, officers will speak to customers to seek more photos
  • if a site visit is still required, we may need to seek extensions of time for those applications as opposed to visiting sites

We are also exploring arranging virtual site visits (like WhatsApp video calls) with applicants, where they can show council officers in real time parts of a site the officer needs to see.

This is likely to have an impact on our ability to process some applications.