Listed Buildings and Demolition in Conservation Areas

City Plan Part One Policies

Brighton & Hove Local Plan Policies

  • HE1 Listed buildings [PDF 29kb]
  • HE2 Demolition of a listed building [PDF 198kb]
  • HE4 Reinstatement of features on listed buildings [PDF 29kb]
  • HE8 Demolition in conservation areas [PDF 29kb]


  • SPGBH11 Listed building interiors [PDF 205kb]
  • SPGBH13 Listed building - general advice [PDF 148kb]
  • SPGBH19 Fire precaution works to historic buildings [PDF 1.39Mb]
  • SPD02 Shop front design [PDF 2.4Mb]
  • SPD07 Advertisements [PDF 791kb]

More information is available on our heritage pages