Apply online

If you have an agent, please ask them to submit your application online through the national Planning Portal. It saves money and paperwork.

The Portal identifies the correct form, fee and supporting information. Pay online, and there is no photocopying. See the video tutorials.

The Portal will help create a site plan.

A Design and Access Statement (DAS) can be completed using Brighton & Hove's DAS template.

Please follow the simple, nationally recognised standards for online submissions, which include the required file sizes and formats. We may be unable to register applications that do not meet these standards.

The Portal has an online Help Centre to assist if you are having trouble submitting an application. You can also email their support team at -

If you email the portal, they ask for the following information:

  • A one-line summary of the query/problem in the e-mail subject line
  • Where in the portal the problem occurred
  • What action was in progress immediately prior to the problem occurring
  • A description of the difficulties that the problem causes, including any error messages

Please check your application thoroughly before sending it to us, as we will return it to you if there are errors or omissions.


Planning application fees are set by the government and vary according to the application type. Visit the Planning Portal's fee calculator, or see their fee table