Site size threshold for affordable housing contributions and the application of Vacant Building Credit

The council has produced a clarification guidance note (May 2019) (PDF 24KB) to set out the council's position on applying City Plan Policy CP20: Affordable Housing to all types of residential development.

This guidance note is in reference to the:

Calculation of commuted sums for affordable housing

The Brighton & Hove City Plan Part One was adopted 24 March 2016. The City Plan sets out strategic housing policies regarding future housing delivery in the city to 2030 and Policy CP20 Affordable Housing replaces the 2005 Local Plan Policy HO2 for affordable housing. 

Guidance has been produced for the calculation of commuted sums (payment in lieu) in accordance with the sliding scale requirements for smaller development sites as set out in City Plan Part One CP20 Affordable Housing.


Schedule of affordable housing commuted sums payments 2021

Section 106 Developer Contributions Technical Guidance

Schedule of Commuted sum payments (updated May 2021) for calculating Affordable Housing contributions

The payments below are effective from 1 June 2021.


    1 bedroom flat 2 bedroom flat 3+ bedroom flat
Zone 1 £174,500 £259,250 £292,500
Zone 2 £159,000 £207,750 £256,500
Zone 3 £113,000 £130,750 £166,750


    2 bedroom house 3 bedroom house 4 bedroom house
Zone 1 £259,250


Zone 2 £207,750 £251,500 £292,500
Zone 3 £154,000 £207,750 £256,500

The associated DVS report and value areas can be viewed here: