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Planning service update

We’re managing a backlog of applications and are sorry for the delay and appreciate your continuing patience. It’s currently taking on average 13 weeks to determine an application from the point of validation (when an application is accepted as being complete and ready for processing).

We’re working hard to process older applications and the additional support to tackle the backlog has started work on the first 80 cases they have been commissioned to process. 

If you wish to discuss any delay you’re experiencing with your application, please contact:

There's a problem when viewing planning application documents in Internet Explorer. Clicking on a document link brings up a grey background but doesn't show the document. When this happens, please refresh your browser and the document will show correctly. Alternatively, you can use another browser such Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge.

The Planning Register will not be available on Friday 24 January 2020.

Information about planning

Planning peer challenges review

In March 2016, we had a full review of our Planning Authority. The review was organised by the Local Government Association and the Planning Advisory Service. It was carried out by trained officers and councillors from other councils.

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