London Road consultation

London Road is a diverse area containing a busy and popular shopping district which attracts people from across the city. Due to its location, the London Road area connects many key city destinations and plays an important role in the transport network. A number of people also live in and around London Road.

Many developments are currently taking place in and around the London Road area. These include the refurbished Open Market, due to reopen shortly, the improved Level and enhancements to the green space in Providence Place.

Despite its many strengths, there have been historic concerns that the London Road area is not meetings its true potential. In 2009, a London Road Master Plan was developed with the local community which set out broad objectives for improvements. As a result, and to complement wider developments, Brighton & Hove City Council has allocated an indicative sum from the Local Transport Plan for public realm improvements in London Road. In order to make best use of what is a relatively limited budget (for such a large area), investment need to be carefully prioritised and we would like your help.

Over the coming months we will develop a concept plan identifying a range of improvement options for the London Road area. We’ll then work with the local community to identify where initial funding can be focussed most effectively.

Before we start that process we want to find out more about how London Road is used today, what people think works well and what people think are the biggest issues.

We would be grateful if you could provide your thoughts by completing our short London Road Public Realm Improvement survey. The survey is open until 7 February.

What area are we looking at?

Our concept scheme focuses on the areas of Preston Road, Preston Circus, London Road, Baker Street and Oxford Street, shaded blue on our London Road scheme map (PDF 3.46mb).

The concept scheme will complement a number of additional projects improving other locations within the London Road Area. Details of these wider improvements can be found on our London Road Regeneration page.