SPGBH 20 - Brighton Marina Volume 1 [PDF 3.1mb] assesses the Marina against these key urban design objectives and identifies a range of shortcomings. These include: a lack of a readily identifiable sense of place or sense of pride; difficult and indirect access to the sea; little co-ordination and integration of buildings and spaces; under use of key frontages and spaces; insufficient commercial mass to attract primary retailers and increased visitor numbers, low pedestrian activity; lack of a wide range of land uses; limited retail choice and office floorpsace; unattractive surfaces and inefficient use of land; lack of social spaces; uninviting and insecure spaces at night; undistinguished architecture; impoverished townscape and floorspace; dull and uninviting setting and entrance; lack of landmark features, poorly defined routes (pedestrians and cyclists), uninviting hard landscaping; cluttered and uncoordinated signage; unattractive lighting, limited public transport use. The analysis concludes that the Marina fails, comprehensively, to match the potential of its fantastic location.

The SPG suggests ways in which new development could overcome the deficiencies identified. These include potential to: introduce new built form to create a more defined and legible urban structure; introduce additional retail, leisure, office and residential floor space; increase the critical mass to increase activity and vitality; introduce new high quality contemporary architecture; introduce a variety in scale and height of buildings; introduce landmark buildings and works of art; introduce improved lighting; introduce buildings with active uses and frontages; introduce new building to help enclose spaces, provide visual interest and increase vitality to the spaces; utilise available space more effectively and efficiently; introduce high quality hard landscaping relevant to the maritime setting; introduce co-ordinated signage strategy; improve connectivity to wide area and improve pedestrian priority; improve cycle links; provide better public transport information and facilities to reduce car borne journeys; create a memorable gateway. 

SPGBH 20: Brighton Marina - Volume 2

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