Building affordable housing

Homes for Brighton & Hove is a partnership between Brighton & Hove City Council and the Hyde Group set up to create 1,000 much-needed new affordable homes for rent and sale for lower income, local working households in the city.

We want to create new developments entirely focused on affordable housing, with 50% of the new homes available for rental and the remaining 50% as shared ownership homes.


Housing prices

Brighton & Hove is a growing city with high housing prices, low incomes, an ageing population and a significant proportion of households with support needs. There are around 15,000 households on the joint housing register, 1,700 households in temporary accommodation and rising homelessness.

The increased demand for homes and the lack of available social housing has driven rent and house prices in the private sector to a point where essential workers on lower incomes are struggling to afford to live in the city.

Initial proposal

The council was looking at how best to provide new homes and keep these workers in the city when Hyde, a long standing member of the council’s Affordable Housing Delivery Partnership, approached them with a proposal to quickly deliver 1,000 high quality, affordable homes without a lengthy procurement and mobilisation process.

By working together through the Homes for Brighton & Hove partnership, Hyde and the council can speed up the delivery of new homes and address the need demonstrated by the City Plan and Housing Strategy.


Hyde is well-established within the city and has a good history of building high quality new homes as well as bringing additional benefits, such as employment, training and apprenticeship opportunities for local people.

Length of project

The 1,000 new homes will be built over five years - 500 homes for rent set to be affordable to working Brighton & Hove residents earning the new National Living Wage and 500 homes being available to purchase though shared ownership. Over 500 new homes are planned in the first wave of the development.


Hyde and Brighton & Hove City Council are equally funding the project, with each partner investing 50% of the total cost into Homes for Brighton & Hove. The council will use receipts from the sale of properties and will also get a loan from the Public Works Loan Board to fund their share, so there will be no impact on existing council budgets.


What makes this plan different from other housing developments in the city: 

  • 100% of the housing is affordable
  • 50% of the homes with rents set to be affordable to low income households earning the National Living Wage
  • All the homes will be for people living and/or working in the city

The first council-owned sites for proposed developments are:

  • Former Belgrave Day Centre, Clarendon Place, Portslade, Brighton, BN41 1DJ
  • Land at Coldean Lane, North Varley Halls, Brighton

The proposals to develop more than 200 homes on the Whitehawk Hill urban fringe site have been halted.

For the latest information about the scheme, visit the Hyde Housing website.