Reconnecting Black Rock

The vacant Black Rock site is at the far eastern end of Brighton seafront, close to Brighton Marina. It has been run-down and underused for over 40 years. 

The long-term plan is to develop and regenerate the area but it is difficult to get to by public transport and the site is not able to be redeveloped until underground obstructions are removed and other works can be undertaken. 

The site has always been popular with event organisers because of its size and seafront location.

We want to help improve the area and increase its use. We plan to make it more attractive to temporary event organisers. We also want to improve the lighting and overall public space to make it a more accessible and attractive place to visit.

Regenerating the Black Rock site is important for the wider regeneration of the eastern seafront and it will support the future restoration of Madeira Terrace and Madeira Drive.

What is happening now

On Wednesday 10 June 2020, planning permission was approved by the Planning Committee by unanimous vote.

We are currently working through the various planning conditions prior to starting on site, which is planned for early September.

The work will begin in late September with signalling works to Dukes Mound, which will be followed by work to begin erection of a new sea wall and to the new link underneath the Marina ramps. This is planned for October/November.

Once the new sea wall is erected the area to the rear will be infilled using spoil from the existing site and the landscaping works will take place to include the works to the listed reading room and temple, and provision of a new seafront classroom and play area.

The new beach boardwalk will also be constructed and the elevated walkway above Dukes Mound.

Residents will be informed prior to work starting with an update on the proposals. Access through Black Rock, along the seafront, will be maintained at all times and an access plan will be produced to explain this further in the next few weeks.

The work is being funded by the local enterprise partnership, coast to capital LEP, under it's Local Growth Fund Initiative

You can view the proposals in more detail here.

Waterfront project

The Waterfront project is a multi-million pound scheme to redevelop the Brighton Centre site, extend the Churchill Square shopping centre and provide a new replacement conference centre and entertainment venue in the city.

A new Brighton Centre will ensure we can continue to compete with the bigger venues for large conferences and major act tours to support our local economy.

Plans for the Waterfront are currently at an early stage. It is a long-term and large-scale project that we’re working on with Aberdeen Standard Investments.

Until 5 December when the council agreed to postpone proposals, the Black Rock site had been the preferred location for the relocation of the Brighton Conference Centre. These plans currently remain on hold and councillors have agreed to allow a 12 month time period for Aberdeen Standard Investments to explore a replacement or the current venue as part of a wider redevelopment of the central site (Kingswest, Debenhams, Brighton Centre site and NCP carparks).

The Brighton Centre will continue to remain open for the foreseeable future. You can contact the Brighton Centre team to find out about holding conferences and events on the Brighton Centre website.

An update on the Waterfront project and the Black Rock regeneration scheme will be discussed at the Policy & Resources Committee on 5 December.

Improving the seafront

Find out about other ongoing projects and plans to improve on the seafront.