Please see the required standards for on-line submissions which includes the required files sizes and format to submit documents and drawings electronically.

For further information about Validation Requirements please visit the Department for Communities and Local Government website and refer to the ‘Guidance on Information Requirements and Validation’ document.

Summary of National Requirements

Brighton & Hove Local Requirements

1 copy of all drawings and supporting documents is required for applications that are not submitted online

Refer to the outline application decision for details of what will be required.

  • north point -  required for the site location plan and block plan.
  • all existing and proposed plans and drawings need to include the paper size and a scale bar indicating a minimum of 0-10 metres or an appropriate scale bar for plans and drawings at 1:1, 1:10 and 1:20.
  • design and access statement which must include the following headings:
    • Use
    • Amount
    • Scale
    • Layout
    • Landscaping
    • Appearance
    • Access
    • Developments within or affecting conservation areas, a listed building or its setting, archaeologically sensitive areas, scheduled ancient monuments or historic parks and gardens
    • If the heading is not applicable, please enter the words not applicable under that heading.
    • Guidance on writing a Design & Access Statement