Requirements for Site Location Plans


To create your own Site Location Plan, visit the Site Location Plan Creator page on the Portal. This offers a range of suppliers - (choose the 2ha or 5ha option at 1:1250).

Site Location Plans and Block Plans can also be obtained from Mail Boxes Etc, at 91 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2NW; phone 0800 008 6105.

 The site location plan must show:

  • a scale of 1:1250
  • a scale bar indicating a minimum of 0-10m at a scale of 1:1250
  • the site boundary (the whole site, not simply the buildings) clearly edged with a continuous red line. This should also show land necessary to carry out the development, e.g. access routes.
  • a north point
  • the paper size (if the plan is intended for other than A4)
  • wherever possible, at least two named roads and surrounding buildings should be shown and the properties clearly numbered
  • in the case of removal or variation of conditions it must show the red edge as identified in the original application


A blue line should be drawn around any other land owned by the applicant, close to or adjoining the application site.