Heritage news

Review of the local list

The council is undertaking a 5 year review of the Local List of Heritage assets. This will update existing list entries where new information has come to light and assess those further nominations that have been put forward within the past five years since the Local List was comprehensively reviewed. There is also a six-week opportunity to nominate further heritage assets (building/structures and parks/garden) that were not nominated in the last review. 

All nominations must be made using the nomination form which sets out the criteria for local listing. 

Find out how we protect the personal information you give us when making a nomination.

Further information on this can be found in the Planning Advice Note at the bottom of the local list of heritage assets page. Nomination forms must be sent to conservation@brighton-hove.gov.uk and must be received by no later than Monday 7 December 2020. (Please note that potential heritage assets that were nominated for inclusion in the last review but did not meet the criteria for inclusion will not be re-assessed).

Queen's Park conservation area Article 4 Directions 

The council is consulting local residents about introducing additional planning controls on minor alterations to buildings within the Queen's Park conservation area. 

The council will take into account comments received during the statutory consultation period. This is from Friday 23 October 2020 to Friday 4 December 2020. 

You can read about what Article 4 Directions are and how they will effect the Queen's Park conservation area.

You can make representations on the online consultation portal.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is my property listed?
  2. Do I need listed building consent?
  3. How do I get a building listed/de-listed?
  4. Where can I find information on the history of my property or area?
  5. Is my property in a conservation area?
  6. How does living in a conservation area affect me?
  7. What is a locally listed heritage asset?
  8. What is an Article 4 Direction?
  9. I want to prune/fell a tree.  Do I need consent?
  10. How do I report possible unauthorised works to an historic building?
  11. How do I report a building in disrepair?
  12. How do I report the removal of an historic street light or paving?
  13. Does the council provide grants for historic buildings?

Common types of work

  1. Maintenance of historic buildings
  2. Windows (including replacing windows with double glazing), doors, roof coverings, chimneys, porches, render, mouldings, flint, balconies and boundary treatments: guidance and policy is available in the Supplementary Planning Document on Architectural Features.
  3. Roof Alterations and Extensions
  4. Damp Treatment
  5. External Painting
  6. Repointing Walls