• Union Street (Old Town CA)
  • Union Road (Valley Gardens CA)
  • Upper Bedford Street (East Cliff CA) : The Fitzherbert Centre, Montague Court
  • Upper Gardner Street (North Laine CA)
  • Upper Gloucester Road (West Hill CA)
  • Upper Lewes Road (Round Hill CA) :  3, 26, 27.
  • Upper Market Street (Brunswick Town CA)
  • Upper North Street (Clifton Hill CA) :  22-57 consec, 63-116 consec, Church and Presbytery of St. Mary Magdalen and school buildings adjoining, 1-5 Hampton Terrace.
  • Upper Rock Gardens (East Cliff CA)
  • Upper St. James's Street (East Cliff CA) :  29a-46 consec.
  • Upper Sudeley Street (East Cliff CA) :  1-7 consec


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Parcels of Land