• Old London Road (Patcham CA) : 43-57 odd, 94-136 even, 1-2 Wootton House Stables, 1-2 Southdown Mews.
  • Old Patcham Mews (Patcham CA)
  • Old Steine (Valley Gardens CA) : 3-48 consec, 51-63 consec, Royal Albion Hotel, Royal York Buildings.
  • Old Steine (Old Town CA) : 48a, 49.
  • Olde Place Mews (Rottingdean CA)
  • Orange Row (North Laine CA)
  • Oriental Place (Regency Square CA)
  • Osborne Villas (Cliftonville CA)
  • Over Street (North Laine CA)
  • Ovingdean Road (Ovingdean CA) : North Cottage, South Cottage, Grange Meadows, Willowrose, Upper Cottages 1-3, The Cot, Flints, The Nook, Orchard Court 1-4, Preambles, Ashdown House, Church Room, Village Hall, The Olde Barn, The Hames.




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Parcels of Land