Conservation Areas street directory - L

  • Lansdowne Mews (Brunswick Town CA)
  • Lansdowne Place (Brunswick Town CA)
  • Lansdowne Road (Brunswick Town CA) : 2-8 even.
  • Lansdowne Square (Brunswick Town CA)
  • Lansdowne Street (Brunswick Town CA)
  • Lauriston Road (Preston Park CA) : North side : all properties. South side : 3-29 odd.
  • Leopold Road (West Hill CA)
  • Lewes Crescent (Kemp Town CA)
  • Lewes Road (Valley Gardens CA) : The Level, Almshouses 1-12 consec.
  • Lewis's Buildings (Old Town CA)
  • Little East Street (Old Town CA)
  • Little George Street (East Cliff CA)
  • Little Preston Street (Regency Square CA)
  • Little Western Street (Brunswick Town CA) : West side.
  • Little Western Street (Regency Square CA) : East side.
  • Locks Hill (Portslade CA) :  Loxdale and grounds, Manor Lodge & grounds, woodland to south(see CA map).
  • London Road (Patcham CA) : Black Lion Hotel PH, Patcham Lodge, Patcham Place, Sports Pavilion at Patcham Recreation Ground, Patcham Recreation Ground, Coney Wood.
  • London Road (Valley Gardens CA) : No 144.
  • Lorna Road (Willett Estate CA) : See CA map.
  • Lovers Walk (Preston Village CA) : 1-6 Lovers Walk Cottages. 1-7 consec.
  • Lower Market Street (Brunswick Town CA)
  • Lower Rock Gardens (East Cliff CA)
  • Lucerne Road (Preston Park CA)

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