Conservation Areas street directory - K

  • Kemp Street (North Laine CA) 
  • Kemp Town Place (Kemp Town CA) 
  • Kensington Gardens (North Laine CA) 
  • Kensington Place (North Laine CA) 
  • Kensington Street (North Laine CA) 
  • Kerrison Mews (Brunswick Town CA) 
  • Kew Street (West Hill CA) 
  • King George VI Avenue (Woodland Drive CA) :Open land to east adjoining Dyke Road Avenue (see CA map). 
  • King Street (North Laine CA) : 26, 27. 
  • Kings Esplanade (The Avenues CA) : From Fourth Avenue to St John's Road (see CA map). 
  • Kings Esplanade (Cliftonville CA) : No. 8, Medina House, Benham Court, Spa Court 
  • Kings Gardens (The Avenues CA) 
  • Kings Mews (The Avenues CA) 
  • Kings Road (Old Town CA) : 3 Queens House, 4, 5, Queens Hotel, 7-15 consec, 15a, 16, Thistle Hotel, Old Ship Hotel, 39-66 consec. 
  • Kings Road (Regency Square CA) : 102-154 consec, including : Grand Hotel, Hotel Metropole, Bedford Hotel, Cavendish House, Kings Hotel, Kingsley Court, The Brighton Hotel, Norfolk Resort Hotel, Embassy Court, West Pier, Esplanade (incl : shelters, putting greens, pools & bandstand). 
  • Kingsway (The Avenues CA) : North side : from Nos.15 & 16 Kings Gardens to the west; to St. John's Road to the east, including Kings Gardens, Queens Gardens, and Adelaide Mansions. South side : from Courtenay Gate to the west; to St. John's Road to the east, including Courtenay Gate, Kings Lawns and Kings Esplanade. (see CA map). 
  • Kingsway (Cliftonville CA) : Flag Court, Courtenay Terrace, Victoria Terrace, St Catherine's Terrace (see CA map). 
  • Kingsway (Sackville Gardens CA) : 165-203 odd, including : Sackville Hotel & Girton House, Croquet Lawns, Bowling Greens, Western Lawns & Pavilions (see CA map). 
  • Kingsway (Old Hove CA) : Lancaster Court. 
  • Kingsway (Pembroke & Princes CA) : 143-163 odd. 
  • Knoyle Road (Preston Park CA)

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