Apply online

This includes, for example, applications for extensions (except for householders in a single dwelling), replacement windows and doors, change of use or conversions, new residential or commercial build.

Please submit your application online - it saves money and paperwork. The website identifies the correct form, fee and supporting information. Pay online, and there is no photocopying. The correct fee will be calculated once the application is submitted to the planning department.

Standards for online submissions (file sizes and formats) - We may be unable to register applications that do not meet these standards.

For applications which involve alterations to a public footpath/highway, the Highway Authority needs to be notified. Please complete and serve notice (please use template) of the proposed works to - Network Co-ordination Team, Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ and complete certificate of ownership B on the application form to confirm this.

What you need to include

Single or 2 storey extension

You'll need to provide:

Replacement  or alterations to windows and doors

You'll need to provide:

Commercial change of use - no alterations

You'll need to provide:

Commercial change of use with alterations

You'll need to provide:

Residential or commercial new build

You'll need to provide:


You'll need to provide:

Residential conversion

You'll need to provide:

Commercial conversion

You'll need to provide:

General alterations

You'll need to provide:

Why you need to include these documents

Requirement Reason
Application form National requirement
CIL additional information form Local requirement
Site location plan National requirement
Block plan National requirement
All drawings to have paper size and scale bar and block plans to show any proposed extension hatched National planning practice guidance
Existing and proposed floor plans As above
Existing and proposed elevations As above
Adjoining elevations (photographs)

Development Plan QD8, QD10, QD11, QD14, SPD02

Contextual elevations National planning practice guidance
Heritage statement National requirement
Design and access statement National requirement

Affordable housing statement / ProForma or viability assessment

Biodiversity checklist Development Plan QD17, QD18, NC1 to NC4 CP10

Sustainability checklist

Development Plan CP8, SPD08
Ventilation or extraction details Development Plan CP18
Technical details  
Product survey sheet  
Tree survey Local Plan QD16
Lighting scheme Development Plan QD25, QD26, QD27
Planning statement In accordance with development plan policies
Transport assessment Development Plan TR1, CP9
Retail assessment Development Plan SR1, SR2, CP4
Noise impact assessment National planning policy guidance
Sunlight daylight assessment Development Plan CP12, SPG15
Tall buildings statement Development Plan CP12, SPG15
Flood risk assessment Development Plan QD26
Land contamination report National planning policy guidance

Sustainable drainage report

National planning policy guidance
Fee National requirement