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Building Control Submission Forms

Please note that downloadable forms for Building Notice applications and Full Plan applications are no longer available from this site.

Please visit the 'Submitaplan' web pages where you will be able to complete the relevant forms and submit immediately on line.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to submit on line, you can still print the completed Submitaplan form and post it to us together with with paper copies of your drawings. You should be aware however that there will be a minimum additional administrative cost of £25.00 Inc Vat applied to the application and a delay in registering it whilst the submission documents are digitised..

Details of Fees From July 2018

Fees as from July 2018 (pdf 400kb)

Payment on Line:

You can now use this link to pay your Building Regulation Fees on line.

Run down the list 'payment types' on the left hand side of the page and hit the 'Building Reg App Charge' heading. Follow the instructions on the page that then comes up.

Should you have problems please contact: 01273 292485

IMPORTANT information for 'Submit-a-Plan' applicants

To avoid delays in validating your application it is important that you indicate in the 'additional information' panel on page 11 of the submit-a-plan form, the following information as appropriate:

  • The total floor area of any extension (measured internally).
  • The total area of any new room(s) in the roof (measured internally).
  • Which 'standard charge' fee you are basing your fee on ? (please quote the reference no).
  • For internal alterations please indicate the cost of the works (excluding VAT)
  • If using the multiple work reduction referred to in the council's Table of Fees Table B(3) how your fee is arrived at ?