Building control performance statistics

Customer Service Charter

At Brighton & Hove City Council, we want to ensure that you are treated fairly, equally and with courtesy. As a customer you have a right to expect decent, good quality accessible services and information… and it is our job to ensure that this is delivered.

To do this we have developed a customer service policy and a set of customer service standards that will be applied across all services and all departments of the council.

We aim to:

  • get things right first time.
  • ensure that all enquiries and complaints are dealt with promptly, efficiently and treated fairly, courteously with respect and equality.
  • provide the highest standard of service possible within our available resources.
  • provide easily accessible services, expertise and information.
  • listen carefully to your concerns and provide services that are appropriate and responsive to your ends and expectations.
  • take your view into account when developing and reviewing services and their delivery.
  • monitor your views and opinions of our services.
  • ensure that our staff has the appropriate skills, knowledge and training to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.
  • provide an effective, formal complaint system if you feel that you have not been treated fairly and equally.

Your responsibility as a customer…

In helping you with your enquiry, we also deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy… so please have patience with our staff as they try and resolve your enquiries and concerns.

Customer Service Standards

Building Control is responsible for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of people in and around buildings. It is also responsible for ensuring that energy conservation measures are incorporated into all new building work.

To achieve this our team aim to carry out the following:


  • offer a free preliminary consultation service prior to submission of your application
  • examine all applications including undertaking any necessary consultations and inform applicants and/or agents of matters requiring amendment within 25 working days of submission.
  • decide all applications within 8 weeks of submission.

Site Inspections:

We aim to undertake all requests for site visits at the time requested :

  • next day, for commencement and intermediate inspections providing the request has been made by 4.00pm
  • five clear working days notice prior to occupation and completion of the work

Other areas of the service:

We aim to:

  • treat all our customers with sensitivity, discretion and without discrimination
  • respond to all correspondence within 10 working days
  • respond to a reported potential dangerous structures the same day or within 1 working day
  • respond to a complaint quickly and efficiently.