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Can I submit a Building Notice?

If you are proposing to carry out minor alterations to your domestic property then the answer is probably 'Yes'. If however you are carrying out an extension, or you are proposing to construct rooms in your roofspace, then a Full Plans application is more appropriate. If you are proposing work to a non-domestic property, then a Building Notice will usually be unacceptable. If you are in doubt please contact us on 01273 292030.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of submitting a Building Notice?


  • cost: You may avoid the cost of having detailed plans prepared, although whilst the works are in progress you might be asked to provide specific details or information to confirm that your works are complying with the regulations.       
  • speed: Once you have submitted your application and given the council two days notice, you can start the works. A Building Control Surveyor will visit you, inspect the works as they progress and inform you of any other requirements.


  • no approved plans: Without the benefit of approved plans you do not have the security of knowing that your proposals comply with all the relevant regulations. You will be required to put right at you own expense, anything which does not comply    
  • unforeseen problems: Without a pre-prepared plan, unforeseen problems are more likely to arise.      
  • builders: Without plans, sometimes your builder may not fully understand your intentions. It may be difficult to obtain accurate estimates and to enter into fixed price contracts.

On completion do I get confirmation that the works are satisfactory?

Yes, providing you give the council written notice that the works are complete, that there are no outstanding fees and that the Building Surveyor finds no problems during his final inspection, then a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion will be sent to the owner of the property.  This applies equally to both types of application.

Can I download the relevant forms?

Yes. You can download our forms here, however at this time they cannot be completed on line, they are in pdf format which you can print off to use.

What will an application cost me?

This will depend on the nature and or costs of your proposed work. You can view the scales of fees here.

Do I need Building Regulation Approval for a Conservatory?

No, providing the following conditions apply:

  • the conservatory has an area of less than 30 square meters
  • if you have a radiator in the conservatory then it must have a thermostatic control valve
  • the conservatory must be separated from the main house by an external quality door or windows
  • the conservatory walls should be more than 50% glazed and have a translucent roof
  • the conservatory must be at ground level
  • any glazing should comply with Approved Document N regarding safety glazing in critical areas.

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