Workplace Sustainable Travel

We want to support and encourage workplaces in the city to promote sustainable transport to employees. By encouraging more people to travel on foot, by bicycle and public transport, workplaces can contribute towards reducing congestion, improving air quality and enhance the health and wellbeing of their staff. 

This page has been developed as a portal for anyone tasked with developing and implementing a workplace Travel Plan, or as we prefer to call them 'Sustainable Travel Action Plans'. 

Travel Hierarchy

If you are a workplace travel champion, facilities managerment staff or HR staff member tasked with your workplace travel plan, then you will find all this information very useful. This portal will enable you to access supporting guidance and information that you can publicise to your employees. Here you will find guidance documents on how to create a Travel Plan, travel templates and other helpful hints and tips so your workplace can successfully promote sustainable travel and make a difference to Brighton & Hove.

The sustainable travel hierachy, shown on the right, is used in transport policy and travel plans to show hierachy of modes of travel.


What is a Sustainable Travel Action Plan?

A Sustainable Travel Action Plan is an active document that a workplace can adopt that sets out a strategy, action plan, measures and targets, and helps promote safe and sustainable transport to employees whilst reducing car use.

These plans are location specific and can be different according to the size, type and location of the organisation they relate to.


Workplace travel offer

To encourage workplaces to carry out a Sustainable Travel Action Plan, we offer a travel support package that can be tailored to support your workplace. The package includes match-funding, business membership of the BTN bikeshare scheme, travel clinics, Dr Bike sussions to keep your staff cycling and free membership to the Active Travel & Health Partnership.

View the workplace travel offer (PDF 319KB).


Travel Plan Champion guidance

This guidance document has been put together to assist workplace Travel Plan Champions in understanding their role and the support / information available to them. Included is information about:

  • Your role
  • Company culture
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Quick fixes
  • Processes
  • Keeping up the momentum
  • Support
  • Marketing
  • Incentives
  • Credentials

By using this Travel Plan champion guidance (PDF 612KB) document you can keep up the momentum promoting sustainable and active travel to your staff.

Free cycle confidence training and maintenance courses

If your workplace is in the process of updating or developing a sustainable travel action plan we offer free cycle confidence training and maintenance classes to staff.

Further information is available on our information sheet (PDF 570KB).

To request dates for the courses email and request a corporate booking form.

Workplace travel / action plan guidance

For an action plan to be successful a staff travel survey is essential. Results should be included in your travel plans and targets should be set to give your workplace an aim inviting creative objectives and measures (e.g. target to increase percentage of staff walking, cycling and using public transport to travel to work). 

Travel Surveys

If your workplace wants to undertake a staff travel survey contact us at We can guide you through the process of undertaking a staff travel survey including providing online survey tools. We can also provide travel clinics that can help promote sustainable travel to your staff through a variety of measures.

Workplaces should undertake travel surveys annually. April/May or September/October are good months for travel surveys as they avoid seasonality. 

Please click the links below to view and download the different sections of the guidance documents.

Cover page, contents and information (PDF 160KB)

Travel checklist and details (PDF 98KB)

Steps 1 and 2 (PDF 58KB)

Steps 3, 4 and 5 (PDF 59KB)

Steps 6, 7 and 8 (PDF 84KB)

Steps 9, 10 and 11 (PDF 76KB)

Steps 10 and 11 cont (PDF 87KB)

Steps 12 and 13 (PDF 62KB)

Steps 13 cont. , 14 and 15 (PDF 88KB)

Steps 15 cont. , 16, 17 and 18 (PDF 78KB)

Steps 18 cont., 19 and 20 (PDF 69 KB)

Steps 20 cont..21, 22, 23 and 24 (PDF 67KB)

Appendices A, B and C (PDF155KB)

Travel plan template document

Our Sustainable Travel Action Plan Template (PDF 778KB)  helps you write your workplace sustainable travel action plan. It includes useful hints and tips to make it effective and interactive. 

Once you have written your action plan, ensure you review it regularly throughout the year to ensure you are on track and using opportunities within your workplace to encourage staff to travel sustainably. For example you could hold environment or health promotion days in the workplace.


Staff travel information guidance

Travel notice board at Lloyds Bank

This Travel information guidance document (PDF 648KB) has some great information along with suggestions when it comes to updating your company's travel pages or notice board. These are all great ways to promote all the travel options to your site and make it simple for those accessing your site by public and sustainable transport, for example nearest bus stops, timetables and costs can be included.

For a quick win to make sustainable travel information available why not install a travel noticeboard (PDF 353KB) for your staff. It's recommended that you position it in an area with high footfall where it will be noticed and update it regularly to ensure staff engage with it. 

Contact us

If you would like to speak to the Travel Planning team, please call (01273) 295456 or email

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