Woodingdean - Ovingdean - Brighton Marina 

Many people tell us they would like the 52 bus route to take them nearer to the hospital, city centre and train station as they find changing buses difficult or inconvenient. We would like your views on three options for the 52 route: 

  • Option 1: No change (same as now). 
  • Option 2: Peak time buses go to city centre (two will continue to the station). No buses to the Marina at peak times. 
  • Option 3: All journeys go to the city centre (and some peak time buses will go onto the station). Service would be every 90 minutes instead of every hour. Morning peak time would not go to the Marina. 

To give us views on these options, please fill in our short online survey about the 52 bus. The survey will close on Thursday 4 July 2013. 

If there is support for any change in the timetable, this will take effect from Monday 16 September.