Pedestrian crossing points are key to helping pedestrians travel safely around the city. We receive a large number of requests for them and consider each application carefully.

Previously crossing points were only installed where there was a recorded accident history. The council has now reconsidered the method by which pedestrian crossings are prioritised and now considers a range of social factors including:

  • the public perception of danger in crossing the road
  • how a crossing may bring the community closer together
  • how it could affect access to key services and green spaces
  • potential improvements for mobility impaired people

This approach also provides a more robust way to assess crossing point requests and helps to target resources to those crossings which are most important. Once a location satisfies initial criteria, they will then be taken forward for a full assessment.

Once the assessment is carried out the crossing requests can be placed in priority order and these will be published on an annual basis. In 2016/2017 21 new crossing request locations were assessed and placed in priority order, the full list can be seen on our Pedestrian Priority List 2016/17 (PDF 126KB).

As a result of this new process, the following crossing points have recently been improved:

  • Edward Street & Upper Rock Gardens - signalised crossing
  • Surrenden Road - corridor treatment
  • Goldstone Villas / Clarendon Road - junction improvements including road surface treatment
  • Dyke Road / The Droveway - crossing type to be determined
  • Carden Avenue, near Sainsbury's - zebra crossing
  • Sackville Road, north of Livingston road - pedestrian refuge

You can also view the latest Oct 11 2016 Environment Transport & Sustainability Committee report (PDF 142KB).

If there is a road that you think would benefit from a pedestrian crossing point, please contact the Transport Planning Team on (01273) 290487 or email in order for us to carry out a site assessment.