Our staff travel plan

Staff using a pool bike

Brighton & Hove City Council's Staff Travel Plan is designed to support our staff in choosing more sustainable and healthy ways of travelling, both to and from work and within the working day. 

Travelling more sustainably can save money and time, and can also result in benefits to health and to the environment.

Key features of our Staff Travel Plan:

  • interest-free loans to help staff spread the cost of bus and train season tickets over twelve months
  • interest-free bicycle loans to help staff spread the cost of a new bicycle and safety equipment over twelve months
  • tax-free bike scheme encouraging staff to cycle to work and saving on Income Tax and National Insurance contributions.
  • a bicycle mileage allowance for staff cycling on council business
  • developing a culture of flexible working hours to help reduce peak hour travel
  • discounted bus tickets available to all staff
  • a fleet of Pool Bikes for staff to use to travel across the city for work-related journeys, free of charge.  
  • good availability and location of Car Club vehicles for journeys which cannot easily be undertaken by public transport, walking or cycling.
  • all council sites providing suitable cycle storage facilities, lockers and showers as necessary.

View the Staff Travel Plan (PDF 1.27MB) 

If you would like to know more about the Council's Staff Travel Plan, or have any Staff Travel related queries or suggestion, please fill in the online form.

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