Old Shoreham Road cycle lane consultation, 2009

In 2009 the council carried out a consultation with residents about proposals for cycle facilities on the Old Shoreham Road.

Purpose of the Survey
This consultation aimed to find out about improving facilities for cyclists and pedestrians along the Old Shoreham Road from BHASVIC to Applesham Way in Portslade.

Who was consulted?
14,706 addresses along the route and it’s surrounding areas. The consultation was also open to anyone else across the city who wanted to comment.

Large businesses were identified from the address database: these were sent a covering letter and multiple copies of leaflets and questionnaires.

There are 19 schools and language schools surrounding the route. Heads of schools were sent a covering letter, posters and copies of leaflets and questionnaires.

The mail-out comprised of a leaflet inviting people to visit a local venue (with clear information of the times and duration) to see detailed plans & some information of the cycle route on The Old Shoreham Road.

Whilst the consultation was open, a link to information about the proposals, copies of plans and an on-line version of the questionnaire was available through the Home Page, the Cycling page and also through the Corporate Consultation pages of the council’s website.

Download the plans from the 2009 survey [PDF 476kb]

When did it happen?
September 2009

66% of respondents either strongly agree or agree that they support the introduction of new cycle lanes as set out in the proposed scheme whilst 26% disagree or strongly disagree

Have key findings been used in decision making?
At the Environment Cabinet Meeting 25 March 2010 it was decided not to proceed with the full scheme due to safety concerns.