Old Shoreham Rd Cycle Lane consultation -2011

Purpose of the Survey
This consultation aimed to find out about resident support for the introduction of  cycle and pedestrian facilities along the Old Shoreham Road from The Drive/Shirley Drive to Dyke Road (BHASVIC).

Who was consulted?
Letters were sent to 2,200 addresses along the route and its surrounding areas. The consultation was also open to anyone else across the city who wanted to comment via the council's website. The consultation was advertised on Twitter, Facebook and in community newsletters and publications.  Press coverage was also generated in the city’s local newspaper (The Argus).

The four large schools in the vicinity were sent information directly and council staff offered to give presentations to students and teachers during the consultation period.  City cycle and pedestrian user groups were also directly consulted.

The mail-out comprised of a letter explaining the proposals including artists impressions of how the cycle facility might look and an indicative cross-section drawing.  The letter contained email and phone contact details to enable residents to contact the relevant council staff.

Whilst the consultation was open, a link to information about the proposals, copies of plans and an on-line version of the questionnaire was available through the city council Home Page, the Cycling page and also through the Corporate Consultation pages of the council’s website.  

Follow this link to download the plans of the proposals [PDF 508 KB] and follow this link for subsequent cabinet reports and decisions. You can also read the letter sent to residents [PDF 193kb]

When did it happen?
25 August 2011 until 19September 2011

The informal consultation closed on Monday 19th September 2011.  Overall 74.4% supported the proposals for pedestrian and cycle facilities along OSR between BHASVIC and The Drive.

What are the proposals?

  • Lanes on each side of the road would have low kerbs to physically separate motor vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.  (No parking spaces will be lost under the plan).
  • Two busy junctions on the route would get safety improvements for pedestrians and cycles. 
  • The route specifically affects journeys for young people attending schools in the area, and the aim is to secure safe and user-friendly cycling and pedestrian facilities for all ages.

For more information call the transport planning team on (01273) 290487 or email travel.planning@brighton-hove.gov.uk