North Street Road Safety Improvements and Urban Enhancement Scheme

Queen's Road clock tower

Final phase - Clock Tower junction is finished

Work on the Clock Tower junction revamp is now complete.

The Clock Tower junction is Brighton’s number one accident black spot with 51 people injured over a 3 year period.

Work started in October 2009 on this final phase of the North Street Road Safety project which aims to improve safety and the environment in this major City Centre route. The work included widening pavements and relocating and improving pedestrian crossings, providing a much safer way for people to cross the road in all directions.

The Clock Tower phase has cost around £800,000 paid for by a mixture of local and central government funding together with contributions from local building developments.

More than 16,000 pedestrians use Queen’s Road, North Street and Western Road each day. This new scheme has been designed with pedestrian safety as a priority, while still allowing traffic to flow smoothly through the city centre.

The main problem that has been addressed is that of “desire lines”, the natural point where people feel like crossing.  They did not match up with the old road layout.  This tempted people to make their own way across finding themselves on the wrong side of the railings and possibly into the path of traffic.  The improvements have been designed to address these issues, relocating the crossings to the desire lines and introducing a new crossing between Air Street and Churchill Square.

In addition, North Street Quadrant has been transformed with new paving, granite seating and feature lighting. Building materials have been chosen to complement the Clock Tower and the nearby Churchill Square. Landscaping and tree planting has also created an attractive environment around one of the city’s most famous landmarks.

Specialist building company Stonewest carried out improvement work to the Clock Tower monument and surrounding Quadrant.  The company, which specialises in restoration, conservation and new build, have previously carried out work at Trafalgar Square and St Martins in the Field, London.  They have steam cleaned the monument and re-pointed the stonework to prevent water damage and have also cleaned and repaired the clock face and clock mechanism. 

For further information about this project please contact the Road Safety Team.