New Drivers

New Driver Awareness sessions

We no longer run public sessions as there has been little demand for them and we do not have resources to support them.

We ensure theatre in education is offered to schools for year 11 students, to raise awareness of issues passengers and drivers need to be aware of.

The Safe Drive Stay Alive sessions are run by the Fire and Rescue service, supported by partners such as ourselves. They are emotional and impactive, focussing on the fatal four factors involved in many of the collisions the emergency services attend - Speed, Drink/Drugs, Seatbelts and Distraction. 

We still run New Driver Awareness sessions at high schools, colleges, companies and organisations if there are 10 or more people interested in a session. It is free and now uses a VR film to engage students, looking at how passengers and drivers can affect the likelihood of a collision. It compliments the Safe Drive sessions, enabling more discussion and exploration of factors involved.

We also have FIrst Car magazines to give out at events or on request. 

Email or call 01273 292258 to find out more.

Passed your test?

Once you've passed your test, the Institute of Advanced Motorists and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), offer local tuition to help you improve your driving. 

The Institute of the Motoring Industry also has good material for new drivers. Drive IQ has free computer simulation and other information for new drivers as well.

If your driving licence is from another country check the GOV.UK website to find out what you need to do.

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