East Central Brighton transport project

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

In 2011 the Department for Transport invited bids from local authorities under the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, to support delivery of the Local Transport white paper ‘Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon’. In 2014 the fund was extended for 2015 to 2016, and the council submitted a bid for funding to deliver a sustainable transport project in the East Central area of Brighton.

The project will run until April 2016, and the main aims of the fund are to:

  • support the local economy and facilitate economic development
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • help to deliver wider social and economic benefits
  • improve safety
  • bring about improvements to air quality
  • actively promote increased levels of physical activity and associated health benefits

Our bid will meet the objectives of the fund by helping people who live, work and study in the area to choose sustainable transport options, helping them get to work, University, college and school, and removing some of the barriers which exist that can prevent them from accessing sustainable travel options. The project also aims to increase levels of physical activity and realise associated physical, mental and community health benefits.

The Projects

Our focus during 2015/16 will be on delivering the following:

Personalised Travel Planning (PTP)

Building on the successful programme of Personalised Travel Planning delivered across the city since 2006, our Travel Advisors will be knocking at over 17,000 residential properties to promote and encourage the use of sustainable travel options.

Business and Destination Travel Planning

We will work intensively with employers and employees across the East Central Brighton area to deliver a programme of Personalised Travel Planning, information and incentives to encourage people to travel to work by sustainable means. We will also assist businesses to develop workplace travel plans to minimise the impact of traffic, parking and congestion around their locations.

East Brighton & Hove Travel Network

We will be launching a powerful new working partnership across Brighton & Hove, which will support and encourage businesses in the area to adopt sustainable transport behaviours.  When a business signs up to become a member of the easit Brighton & Hove network, employees are able to access substantial discounts which have been negotiated with public transport operators, and travel retailers.

  • For more information about the benefits of being a member of the easit network, visit www.easit.org.uk

University and College Travel Planning

We will continue to work with the universities, and colleges to encourage staff and students to choose sustainable transport modes when travelling around the city.

School Travel Planning

We will work with all schools across the East Central Brighton LSTF area to continue to promote sustainable travel choices for staff, parents and children.

Adult Cycle and Maintenance Training

We will begin a free adult cycle and maintenance training programme for anyone living, working or studying in the East Central Brighton LSTF area.

Pedestrian Wayfinding

Adding to our extensive network of pedestrian wayfinding signs across the city, we will be installing new signs in the LSTF area to encourage walking.

Road Safety Campaigns

Based on the latest data, we will be delivering road safety messages in the area using a variety of mixed media.

Cycling and Walking Permeability

We will be identifying barriers to cycling and walking in the area, which will help us when submitting future bids for funding to make improvements to infrastructure.

Key Partners

The Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership
Lewes Road for Clean Air
Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company
Community Works
Brighton & Hove City Council Public Health Team


The East Central Brighton LSTF Project is being funded by the Department for Transport, with money ring-fenced for local sustainable transport projects.

Getting Involved

If you live, work or travel through the area, there will be opportunities to be involved in the project. Further details will be updated regularly on this page.