Request a charge point near your home

We have a metric-based system for prioritising requests, to ensure that those with the greatest need are provided for first. This includes:

  • current status as an EV driver – those currently owning EVs, or with evidence of one on order, will be prioritised.
  • proximity to existing chargers – an applicant with existing chargers on their street or adjacent, would be a lower priority 
  • where there is nearby charging – where existing chargers are in high demand already, these applicants will be prioritised above an applicant who we believe has good capacity at a nearby charger
  • other factors – we would also take into account unique, or additional, factors at the point of evaluating requests

There are going to requests that we can’t meet, or can’t meet within the required timescale. We are expanding our residential charging, but also our faster, communal charging. 

We would highly recommend looking at the locations of our Fast and Rapid chargers, and whether these would be viable for you. This would mean taking time out of your day to charge away from home, much like you would visiting a petrol station, but the chargers are only getting faster and more expansive.

To request a charge point contact

Options for residents with access to a private driveway 

There are grants available to install your own charging units on your driveway, often attaching directly to your property. Find out about government grants for electric vehicles.

Options for residents with access to a driveway in a council owned property

You will be able to apply for grants in the same was a private home owner, but you will need to contact the Council for landlord permission first, contacting 

Residential parking options

At this time, the Council unfortunately can't support either trailing cables from your property to your vehicle, where it crosses the pavement or the Public Highway. 

We are aware of a number of innovative solutions that are being trialled in other parts of the country, and will explore options that would be viable in Brighton & Hove. In the immediate, we would advise you locate the nearest chargers to you, with fast and rapid chargers being ideal for shorter charging times. 

Report a problem with a charging bay

You can report a vehicle blocking a mandatory electric vehicle charging bay to NSL on 03456 035 469 (option 2). They aim to respond within 1 hour.

You can also report chargers without a mandatory bay to and we will use this information to push to make the bay mandatory as part of the next roll out.

If you are having any problems with the he EB Charging App, you can  call the number on the charger itself to contact Electric Blue. They should be able to resolve the issue then and there if it’s something stopping you from charging, or they can send an engineer out of corrective work is required.