About taxi rapid charging hubs

We are installing 4 new rapid charging hubs for the taxi trade. All are situated within short walking distance of some of the city’s local cafés or parks. 

Each hub will comprise of 3 chargers accommodating 6 vehicles at a time. Initially and until demand from the taxi trade meets the provision, we are allowing the public to use 2 spaces from each hub.

These are located at:

  • Preston Park - June 2021
  • Ashton Rise - June 2021
  • Brighton Racecourse - October 2021
  • Victoria Road - June 2021

Charging costs 27 pence per kWh and are fuelled by 100% renewable energy.

How to find a rapid charging hub

You can find your nearest rapid charging hub by downloading the Electric Blue App to your mobile phones.

If you do not have access to a smart phone, please phone the number on the unit and provide your payment details to start your charge.

A rapid charger in a car.