Download the Electric Blue App to your mobile phone to find your nearest charging point.

This includes the locations of all lamp post chargers, rapid and fast chargers across the city. It also tells you if the charger is currently available for use or whether another EV owner is currently using the charge point.

If you do not have access to a smart phone, please phone the number on the unit and provide your payment details to start your charge.

If a charging point is damaged or not working, you can contact the charging point operator Electric Blue by calling 0330 111 0078.

Exclusive bays for electric vehicle charging

Exclusive bays for electric vehicle charging

By March 2022, around half of lamp post chargers in the city will be for electric vehicle recharging only, as well as all fast and rapid charging points. 

This will further limit the number of chargers being blocked by non-electric or hybrid vehicles.

Non-EV cars parked in a mandatory EV bay may be subject to a penalty charge notice.

If you would like to request an electric vehicle charge-point in your street or local area or have a query, please send an email to

Visiting Brighton & Hove

Electric vehicle owners who are not residents of Brighton & Hove should look to use the city’s rapid and fast chargers where possible. These offer the fastest and most convenient charging locations in the city. Download the Electric Blue App to your mobile phone to find rapid and fast chargers.

Lamp post chargers are available to use, but only in areas where you hold a valid visitor parking permit