Cycle training and maintenance training courses for Brighton & Hove residents

Abandoned bikes

Our Highway Enforcement Team deal with reports of abandoned bikes across the city.

Bikes can quickly deteriorate if not used regularly causing an unsightly obstruction on the public highway. You can report online or call us on 01273 292929.

Unclaimed abandoned bikes

Bikes are ticketed with a 14 day notice asking the owners to contact the council to claim their bike. If after 14 days the bikes are not claimed they are added to a list for removal. Removing these bikes not only helps free up valuable cycle parking spaces but also benefits a local charity.

Cycle lanes

There are cycle lanes across the city, including along the seafront, Grand Avenue and The Drive, Hove to Hangleton, with improvements currently being made along Lewes Road and Old Shoreham Road. Many of these routes form part of the national and regional cycle route network.

Cycle map

View our online cycle map.

This map allows you to find all the cycle facilities available on any chosen route. It can be the basis of a journey plan for commuters for work or study, for leisure cyclists looking for on or off road adventures, visitors to the city or anyone looking for off road or child friendly cycling space.

Select the features you want the map to show from a menu of options. You can also select the type of route you want to cycle, what you’d like to find on route, including landmarks, street names, cycle parking, light controlled crossings, cycle retail and repair places and more.

When you have chosen your options, simply zoom in on the area you want to see to set the print area. (The Desktop version has plus or minus symbols in the top left hand corner).

A print option then allows you to print or save a PDF of your customised map and map key and to add your own title and notes.

Print versions are also available at most cycle retailers and council service sites, as well as many hotels, cafes and shops across the city and in surrounding areas.

Cycle parking

New cycle parking has been installed in the city. The new parking facilities are blocks of cycle parking with space for 10 bikes or more.

Make a request for cycle parking

Wheels for women

Find out how more women and girls can start cycling. Download and share our poster. 

Contact us

We welcome comments on cycling in the city. If you'd like to get in touch with your views, or for advice and information on cycling and walking, email

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